Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This Is What a Feminist Sounds Like

Back in October, Ms. Magazine had a booth at the West Hollywood Book Fair in Califormia.  A few of their incredible interns; Emily Bengtson, Annie Shields and Alexandra Tweten, were distributing copies of the latest issue and "This Is What A Feminist Looks Like" t-shirts.

Emily Bengtson, Annie Shields, Sarah Silverman, and Alexandra Tweten

The event featured over 300 authors and artists.  Noticing Sarah Silverman promoting her book "The Bedwetter" just a few booths down, the interns approached her for a quick photo-op.  And that is all.  But last week, Silverman was on the Conan O'Brian Show-- spreading bedwetter awareness-- and took some creative liberties when re-telling her version of the encounter.

Silverman said:
They were trying to relate and they go "Oh, we met the CEO of Funny or Die, Dick Glover."  And I go, I don't know him.  And then I'm like, what's his name again?  They're like "Dick Glover."  And I go [pause face] you probably met someone from Funny or Die, but his name is not Dick Glover-- listen to yourself.
And then, following a google search, Sarah Silverman learned that the President and CEO of Funny or Die is indeed named Dick Glover.

But according to eye-witness Alexandra Tweten; that never happened.  Tweten assumes the "Dick Glover" incident involved someone else, and the stories were blended to save time.  Plus, what's funnier than throwing a couple of feminists in a good dick joke?

While some thought Silverman portrayed them as ditzy, or at least
gullible, the interns were thrilled just to be mentioned.  Shields even wrote a blog about it, where she said:
We were pleased to hear Ms. Silverman confirm what we had been hoping when we presented her with the t-shirt, that indeed, she is what a feminist looks like.
Critics of the comedian are unsure they can support Silverman's shocking and offensive humor.  She's known for pushing people's buttons and nothing is sacred-- not even Jesus

Regardless, Ms. still hearts Sarah Silverman, fuzzy memory and all.

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