Monday, February 28, 2011

Red Bull Gives You Whores

Why does this commercial drive me up the confessional wall? 

I know it's supposed to be funny, but it's just so.. not.

First of all, I hate the words "loose woman."  Why doesn't he just say, "forgive me Father, I had sex with a whore," or explain what exactly is loose about her-- because we all know he's not just talking about her character.

Second, reverse the situation.  Would a woman ever confess to being with a "loose man" or any equally ridiculous euphemism?  No-- because there's nothing equal about the double standard of sexuality in Catholicism or anywhere else. 

If a woman was confessing to this "sin" she would say "I slept with a man who was not my husband" or something to that effect.  Again, it all falls back on her, for not protecting the v-card. 

And lastly-- why does Father Red Bull need to know who she is?  And why is he offering suggestions?  Does he need to run out and pin scarlet letters on these disgusting harlots? 

I hate this commercial because it upholds the virgin/whore dichotomy. 

You see, there are two types of girls walking this earth-- those who fuck and those who don't.  And those who do will do it with anybody.  Which is why this douchebag and his friend are now on their way to the supermarket (or wherever) to proposition the whore who is a "sure thing" with something eloquent like "oh, hey, Father Red Bull told me you like to fuck."

So Red Bull gives you-- distorted images of sexuality, sexist imagery, and another reason not to buy into the purity myth

While the company certainly isn't responsible for religious ideologies that oppress women, there's no excuse for reinforcing them.  And while they didn't invent confession, or make sex a so-called sin, there's no reason to perpetuate these practices, even in jest, to sell a product-- a product that already tends to emphasize masculinity.


  1. I hate this commerical, too. I can't believe they are still making crap like this.

  2. This commercial is incredibly stupid and I agree with all the points you've made. I just kept waiting for the funny part to kick in- it would have been better, following true Red Bull commercials, if the kid had confessed to a sin and then sprouted wings (making him look all angelic, but in reality "red bull gives you wings"). That would have had comedic value and not been a completely sexist commercial.

  3. What a great idea!

    He should have gone through a list of gender non-specific "sins" like lying, cheating, etc. and then sprouted wings all defiantly like "who needs heaven when you have Red Bull?"

    But then that might offend someone, unlike this gem that appeals to everyone-- except women.

  4. ugh, i hate the loose thing too!!!
    I like what the australian author emily maguire says about it: “Think about the popular insult ‘loose’. Why might this phrase refer to a woman who has lots of sex? Sex does not loosen or otherwise alter the shape or muscle tone of the vagina. If anything, lots of (good) sex will result in tighter muscles due to all those lovely orgasmic contractions. A penis, even a larger than average penis, is simply not large enough to permanently stretch the vaginal walls.” Pg 23 Princesses and Pornstars

  5. Thank you. Saw this commercial AT WORK last night, and it pissed me off. Everything you said is true, and on top of that, it`s a really old joke. And it has nothing whatsoever to do with drinking Red Bull. Grrr...