Monday, January 24, 2011

All I Wanna Do

Warning: this clip will ruin the ending-- because it IS the ending.

Miss Godard's finishing school is attended by the best and brightest young women across the nation.  But this all-girls-academy is about to go co-ed.  And the current students aren't too happy about it.

Set in the 1960's, this movie captures the spirit of resistance.  Made in 1998, I have no idea how it slipped under my "awesome movie" radar. 

I recently caught a week-day-afternoon showing of  All I Wanna Do on MTV.  Once completely distracted from getting ready for class, I was on the edge of bed, committed, and crying.  It was that good.

Now before there is some sort of stereotypical misconception about chicks crying overchick flicks, let me explain.

There are certain women who have a certain reaction to the movie Iron Jawed AngelsAnd those women are feminists. 

Because there's just something about watching Alice Paul in action, and the strong, defiant women that fearlessly followed her in the abyss, fighting for their right to vote at the beginnin of the 20th century.  Seriously.  I get a lttle teary just talking about it.

As "Miss Godard's girls" get organized and hold a rather impressive protest, I found myself having a similar reaction.  There's something about radical political action that gets me all choked up.

While the title is misleading and creates expectations for a Sheryl Crow song, there are multiple speeches to inspire even the most apathetic, and multiple quotables.  For instance, when Verena (Kristen Dunst) is scolded for "missing an entire period" by her teacher, she exclaims "you mean I'm pregnant?!" 

Verena is the quick-witted, sharp-tongued leader, often plotting against her enemies and always encouraging her friends to look beyond marriage for fulfillment.  Her exclusive group meets in secret to discuss their dreams reaching beyond typical femininity and loudly reject society's expectations by chanting "no more little white gloves."

This movie is filled with allusions to powerful women of the past, while holding tight to the spunky girl power of the 90's.  It's the perfect mix.  The first, second, and third waves come together for 90 minutes of real empowerment.

Still mystified how I missed this one, I believe I have a new favorite.  And it should reside right next to Iron Jawed Angels in the "feminist films" section.

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