Tuesday, August 23, 2011

SlutWalk DC

Washington D.C.'s SlutWalk was a phenomenal success. After marching from Lafayette Park to the National Mall participants gathered near the Washington Monument to lift the blame from victims once and for all.

22 speakers lined the stage, many representing organizations like NOW, the FMF, and HIPS-- a non-profit dedicated to helping sex workers stay safe.

Other speakers brought their stories of surviving sexual assault, including several men, reminding everyone sexual violence affects people of every age, race, sexual orientation and gender identity.

And though it rained throughout the event, the crowds spirit could not be dampened.

While SlutWalk is heavily criticized by those who "just don't get it," there's nothing more inspiring than watching a community rally around such a worthy cause and fight for what is right. And with thousands of people in attendance, DC did not disappoint.

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