Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Love Your Body Day

Love your little head.  Be OK with having a nose.


  1. This video is hilarious!

    Seriously, though, I've had a problem with these dolls from the time they first came out, and not because of the circumference of their craniums.

    Why is it OK for companies to make toys for girls that perpetuate the idea that pretty girls are brats, and that that's just fine, or even normal? That's just plain horrible. Barbie may perpetuate a beauty myth, but at least she isn't portrayed as a snotty girl.

    With bullying running rampant in schools, one wonders if the negative messages sent through the marketing and purchasing of toys like Bratz dolls has anything to do with it. Parents should think about the messages toys like these dolls send before buying them for their children. (Of course, I don't think boycotting Bratz or the removal of Bratz from the toy market would lead to the elimination of bullying.)

    Do you think the movie "Mean Girls" is partially responsible for the Bratz craze?

  2. Wow! We've all been so caught up in the hyper-sexualization of these dolls, I'm not sure if anyone has dissected the true meaning of their name. Being a brat is kind of like being a mini-bitch. And that's a whole other discussion to be had...

    Confession- I LOVE "Mean Girls." Like, stop what I'm doing when it's on TV even though I own it, love it.

    Another confession- I'm not really sure what came first. The chicken or the egg? But this sounds like a job for Google!

    Good stuff Allison. Top notch commenting.

    There may be a little feminist in you after all ;)