Monday, November 22, 2010

This Chick Rocks: Florence and the Machine

Florence and the Machine has been orbiting our world for a while.  But it took a Saturday Night Live appearance for many of us to realize this mesmerizing performer has truly arrived.

Her breakout song "Dog Days" accompanied the Eat, Pray, Love trailer-- earning her subconscious familiarity, along with an invitation to the MTV Video Music Awards. 

And that meant hopping the pond for this Brit, who was unaware her product was quickly becoming unavoidable in the States.

But commanding the coveted New York stage marked a new era for Florence and the Machine.  And while Anne Hathaway was an exceptional host, this songstress stole the show.

Florence Welch is Florence and the Machine, the same way Marina Diamandis is Marina and the Diamonds.  The misleading conjunction implies what follows is the name of a band that simply does not exist. 

However, Florence's machine could be the figurative steam-roller she is driving over audiences suddenly remembering what it's like to be entertained.

She is the total package; appealing to senses of sight and sound.  Her voice and her look are completely unique, yet she's somehow reminiscent of power houses like Sarah McLachlan and Annie Lennox.

With elaborate costumes and lyrics digging deeper than the average song, Florence invites us to feel music again-- something we'd almost forgotten how to do.  In the midst of being force-fed pop sensations, we are starved for women musicians.  But Florence and the Machine could be curbing our appetite.

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