Thursday, November 18, 2010

Palins in the News

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Shortly after the first episode of their reality show aired on TLC, three of the Palin women found themselves in very hot water.  Look out Piper-- you could be next!

With the recent media attention, it seems Mom's attempt to establish normalcy backfired.  The family has upset conservations, proponents of LGBT rights, and dance connoisseurs everywhere. 
Sarah Palin is in a heap of trouble after the premiere of "Sarah Palin's Alaska."  Apparently, she visibly violated the 30 foot rule that separates humans from protected brown bears in Wolverine Creek.  And rumors are circulating that her outdoor adventures may have cost over $12, 250-- quite a price tag for recreation.  Or a campaign commercial.

But Willow Palin may have outdone her mother with her hateful speech caught on Facebook.  Homophobic slurs (and a little fat hatred) ran rampant across the social network as she fought with other teens about her family's reality show.  Willow became very defensive after another Facebook user said the program was "failing so hard."  The harsh criticism provoked this lesser-known daughter to use other words that being with the letter "f."

And Bristol Palin has people questioning whether votes actually matter on Dancing with the Stars.  While Brandy was an obvious favorite, it was Bristol who made it to the finals.  And many were outraged.  One viewer in Wisconsin shot his TV and found himself in a stand off with police.  CBS reported Steven Cowan, 67, "believed Palin was not a good dancer and was only kept on the show because of her famous mother." 

Bristol has since apologized for her sister's actions, but remains silent about her own questionable victory. 

This week also marks the release of another PSA from the Candie's Foundation, co-starring "The Situation" from "The Jersey Shore," where Bristol reminds us to "pause before you play."  "B. Palin" and "Sit" apparently met on the set of DWTS and would like us to believe that they talk comfortably and casually about sex back stage.  Where her last attempt was classist and insulting, this "situation" was campy and ridiculous.  But every message from this abstinence campaign delivered by Bristol is a heaping helping of hypocrisy.

Obviously the Palins understand a what it takes to be on a reality show-- constant public controversy.

But can we say shit magnet?

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