Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Hellcats Versus The Heartbreakers

After seperating into two teams for their second inter-league bout, the Sandusky Rollergirls are ready to take on another flat track league.

In April, the Floral City Roller Girls will visit the old Skateworld to challenge the ladies of Lake Erie.  In May, Sandusky's Rollergirls will travel to Toledo to take on the Glass City Rollers. 

Tighten your wheels and strap on your helmet, it's about to get serious.

Skaters are moving together.  A few even attempted to whip their jammers.  There were power jams and grand slams.  Technique is improving and real derby skills are developing-- as expected.

But the greatest difference isn't on the track, it's in the crowd.  In a packed venue, there was one group of fans that really stood out: little girls. 

It seems Sandusky has unleashed a group of strong, spunky, and heroic women for it's daughters to idolize.  With starry eyes, they cheered tirelessly throughout the bout and rushed the floor for autographs when it was all over.

And that's the secret of roller derby-- the point where speed, agility and femininity morph into something we all aspire to be.  But what is it about quads and fishnets that enables us to unleash our inner badass?

The Rollergirls are developing a junior league, and judging by the Brownies in the audience, they'll be skating their own bouts very soon. 

Until then, we'll be watching the adults lap their competition, one city at a time. 

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