Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm a Follower: @feministbieber

Photo courtesy of Flickr user jake.auzzie under Creative Commons 3.0

Ever since Justin Bieber dropped the bomb he's anti-abortion, even in instances of rape, many fans are left feeling scared, hurt and alone.

Okay, I'm left feeling scared, hurt and alone.

But never fear-- there's a new presence on Twitter to redeem your Bieber Fever.

Check out @feministbieber, the deep, sensitive crooner who's pro-choice and in-touch with his feminine side.  This pop star sticks to the acoustic guitar when sticking it to patriarchy and is looking to team up with Tegan and Sara.

Hipster glasses suggest he's reading more.  And @feministbieber name drops feminist awesomeness, like Robin Morgan and Simone de Beauvoir, all over Twitter.

Not since @feministhulk has a hyper-masculine identity successfully (and hilariously) crossed over into feminist territory.

Here are @feministbieber's top three tweets--

"A lot of people ask why purple is my fave color. Isn't it obvs that I rock it to rep my fave author Alice Walker?!"

"Most people don't realize that "One Less Lonely Girl" was actually inspired by the feminist consciousness-raising group meetings I host."

"Just had the most awesome talk with my #swaggercoach about unpacking his invisible knapsack. He's like totally blown away right now!!"

In the midst of a very serious struggle for reproductive rights, @feministbieber keeps me smiling.  And when I smile, he smiles.

So I'm totally a follower.  You probably should be too.

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