Thursday, February 10, 2011

Beating Ohio's Heartbeat Bill

They say it can't happen. 

But this ultimate challenge of Roe v. Wade should have women everywhere very concerned.

Yesterday we explored the motives of the "No Tax Payer for Abortion Act" and the "Protect Life Act"-- the same day the "Ohio Hearbeat Bill" was being unleashed.

The bill will do exactly what it says-- make an abortion illegal if a heartbeat can be detected.  This means six weeks at most, but as early as 18 days for some. 

The "Heartbeat Bill" is one of five others pertaining to abortion that Ohio has introduced just this week.  In a partnership with the "pro-life" group Faith 2 Action (an openly homophobic Christian organization) the state has crawled into bed with the church. 

What we have here is a government body occupied with a moral agenda.  So call me a Dixie Chick, but with women's rights under attack, I'm really ashamed to be from the state of Ohio.

The heart is the first organ to develop, which inspired the tactics and wording of the bill. 

However, that doesn't mean the fetus with the beating heart is viable.  And it certainly closes the window of opportunity to have an abortion, which currently gives women at least a trimester (3 months) to make a decision, depending on the state.

Viability-- when a fetus can survive outside the womb-- is legally defined at seven months.  This "Heartbeat Bill" is transparently trying to make abortion illegal before many women even realize they're pregnant.

This is by far the worst anti-abortion strategy yet.  With their strength in numbers, republicans know now is the time to act-- one right-revoking act at a time.

But, like Tupac said -- "Since a man can't make one, he has a right to tell a woman when and where to create one." 

Resistance is necessary. We must let these politicians know we refuse to be reduced to broodmares for the state. 

So sign the petition and tell conservative republicans, once again, to keep their laws off our bodies. 

And keep your head up, ladies.  Things WILL get easier. 

But not without a fight.


  1. Hey Kate - you probably don't know me but I was the president of OWI in 2008-2009. I just wanted to tell you how amazing I think your blog is, and how much I love having a connection to feminism at BGSU again. It's not always easy to be a feminist there and see our politics go the way it goes. Anyway, keep up the good work; you have a friend in San Jose if you ever need one!

  2. Thank You So Much!

    P.S. I noticed you derby. That's awesome.