Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sexist Contraception Talk Focuses on Women's Sexuality

Originally published in the BG News on Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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 "A Letter to the Editor," by Abbey Hilborn

Guess what, America? Women are having sex! And you know what? They're having sex for orgasms!

Shocking? Not really. You know what is shocking? That at the college-level, abstinence-only education is still telling women misinformation about birth control.

Recently, an abstinence-only-disguised-as-contraception-education speaker came to the University. She was anything but educational, even the title of her talk -- "Contraception, Why Not?" -- is misleading.

Now, reading that title, it implies it is educational about contraception, not promoting abstinence and providing false information.

She said a woman can't get pregnant by accident or how birth control isn't used anymore to prevent pregnancy. These statements are potentially dangerous to women, because they are just plain false and do not prepare women for sex.

As stated in the documentary "Daddy I Do," if a person is to "do sex safely, it's premeditated." Meaning that using birth control and condoms, a person is actively preventing pregnancy. Therefore, if by chance a woman does get pregnant after taking all the necessary precautions, it's an accident.

Let's say I'm driving down Wooster Street, I use my turn signals, check my mirrors and follow all the signs and red lights, but I end up wrapping my car around a tree. My intentions were not to get into a car accident because I tried everything to prevent it from happening.

Get what I'm saying? A woman didn't intend to get pregnant because she used birth control.

The speaker is sending the message that a woman can only get pregnant if her intention for having sex is to get pregnant, which we all know is untrue. Just turn on "Teen Mom." I highly doubt any of those girls intended to get pregnant when they had sex.

This isn't even the only piece of misinformation stated by speaker. She said  women aren't using birth control to prevent pregnancy but for medical reasons.

Although that may be true, it is not enough to dismiss birth control's main purpose and the woman who use it for that purpose.

The most ridiculous thing she said is that birth control makes women date "losers."

Just reading that makes me laugh. I highly doubt that all women on birth control date losers, and if a woman is dating a loser, I don't think the best solution is to take her off her birth control.

If a guy is a loser, that's his fault, let's not blame women and their birth control because a guy is a jerk.

Can I just take a moment and point out how sexist this talk was? This talk was aimed toward women to not use birth control and have sex. Did the speaker tell guys not use a condom and to keep it in their pants?

It just goes to show women are not allowed to have sex and are called a slut if they do. But if a guy has sex, he's praised for his manhood and called a stud. That's just blatant sexism.

How many more studies need to come out that prove abstinence-only education doesn't work before people change their tune on contraception?

If you want the truth about contraception go to plannedparenthood.org, visit the Student Health Center or visit the Women's Center in Hanna Hall.

Every woman has the right to know their options and contraception is definitely an option

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