Friday, March 25, 2011

Looking Forward to the Weekend

Originally published in the BG News on Friday, March 25, 2011

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Tom Marcello under Creative Commons 3.0

Are you worried that Women's History Month is almost over and you haven't participated in nearly enough events celebrating womanhood? Do you like talented women musicians who are not Rebecca Black? Then I know how you should "get down" tonight.

The Graduate Women's Caucus will host their second annual benefit concert tonight at Grumpy Dave's Pub. Doors open at 7 p.m. and the show, featuring a variety of local bands from Bowling Green and Toledo, will start at 7:30.

"All of the bands have at least one woman in them," said Angie Fitzpatrick, president of the Graduate Women's Caucus.

Coincidentally, the affair resembles the University's theme for Women's History Month, which is "women in performance." While it was unplanned, it all fits together very nicely.

"We've got women in musical performances--bluegrass, rock 'n' roll. The women in these bands fill a variety of positions. Some of them play the guitar, the fiddle; some of them are singers, drummers. I think it's important for us to demonstrate that women can rock out just as well as the men," Fitzpatrick said.

The integrated line-up includes Hemline Theory, Abby Ray, Cory Hillman and Bruce Lillie and Root Cellar String Band, as well as Analog Revolution--a favorite at Howard's Club H.   

Wards of the Mayor, the "prog rock" headliners, will perform a set of musical storylines. Progressive rock, the psychedelic genre developed in the '60s, is responsible for bands like Pink Floyd and concept albums like "The Wall," so attendants can expect to have their minds blown. Eighteen and over, of course.

The cost is a $5 donation at the door--but feel free to give a little more because it's for a great cause. Half of the proceeds are going to the Cocoon Shelter, Wood County's only domestic violence shelter.

"In times of economic crisis, domestic violence rates tend to go up. It's important, now more than ever, to show support for the women and children in our community who need our help," Fitzpatrick said.

Last year's event was wildly successful, enabling GWC to put together their reproductive justice film series. The group showed "The Business of Being Born" and "The Coat Hanger Project" in the Gish Theater.

"For the Coat Hanger Project, we were actually able to bring the filmmaker here and have her talk about the experience of making the film, so it was pretty great," Fitzpatrick said.

Committed to developing the personal, political and professional aspects of graduate women's lives, GWC also holds workshops on job hunting, academic publishing and other topics throughout the year.

"We're interested in providing a support system for graduate women on campus--because even though there are more and more women in college classrooms, even at the graduate level, the system is still stacked against women," Fitzpatrick said.

Additionally, the organization fosters mentoring relationships between grad students and faculty, as well as grad students and undergrads. 

But rocking out is the only thing on tonight's agenda.

"This show is a way to bring Bowling Green progressives together in a space where we can support feminism," Fitzpatrick said.

We feminists are pretty excited. "We so excited." 

So we'll see you there. Knowing your money will help sustain a worthy foundation and activities like these, how could you possibly say no?

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