Saturday, March 26, 2011


Sometimes I'll do something and I'll think to myself-- that is so Raven. 

And then other times, I'll do something, I'll be like-- that was not very Raven. 

Normally, Sat-ire-day is just something funny from Saturday Night Live.  For instance-- this is a hilarious critique of the Disney channel by someone who had their own (very successful) show on said channel. 

However, the depection of Raven Symone is questionable.  And I found this open letter to Saturday Night Live by Leslie Gray Streeter at "The Pop Shop."  In a list of Do's and Don'ts, one hit the nail right on the head.
DON’T: do any more sketches featuring black women characters unless you hire some black women. Seriously. I don’t know why I have to keep saying this. Keenan Thompson in a dress is old. And it’s insulting. Whoopi Goldberg and Jennifer Hudson don’t look like  men. If women of color are prominent enough to be parodied, they’re prominent enough to be employed. On a related note – I noticed that in “The View” sketch, Sherri Sheppard was supposedly away. Is that because you ran out of black men to put in dresses?
The list was posted two years ago.  Obviously, not much has changed.


  1. I posted after thoughts after you commented. But I LOL'ed forever at this sketch. And sent it to everyone I know.

    I love the Disney Channel. LOVE IT! Because it's so awesomely bad and the acting is so "over the top."

    I watch SNL pretty religiously. And I love this sketch. LOVE IT!

    But it is weird how the non-diversity affects the amount of people the cast can depict.

    Kenan is great, but even he has made fun of the fact that he's ALWAYS in a dress. He launched his own "Black Men Dressing Like Women" clothing line on Weekend Update. And I wanna say that was his first year on the show.

    So the problem has been acknowledged. But it remains a problem all the same.