Sunday, May 1, 2011

Amanda's One Dress

Orignally published at Towards Harmony on April 26, 2011

Photo by Amanda Losch

 About 2 fridays ago I wrapped up my time with one dress. And what better way to end it than to run a 5k for trafficking?

The weekend was really incredible, Saturday morning my dad and I arrived at Busse Woods and ran the Aruna 5k together. I spent the time praying for the women as I ran, it was rainy and powerful. When we finished we got bracelets that said, "I ran for their freedom."

And it felt that way. It was a small simple gesture, but it was a step- a step towards ending slavery.

As I think over my 60 days in that dress I am slowly extracting the lessons--I know it will take being out of it for a while until I really understand and learn everything from it.

Above all I learned the power of voice. I learned what can happen when one person does something as basic as wearing a dress. In turn I learned a lot about discipline, especially towards the end...I began to resent the dress, so tired of it I just wanted to give up. I started to get lazy, rather I started to put other things above the dress' priority.

I had to constantly reassure myself that I was doing this for them, because otherwise there's no way I could have finished. I don't know how some of these ladies are going 2 or 3 times as long as I did-- they're warriors!

The end of my 2 months coincided with our VOX series at impact, which was really excellent. It highlighted our unique ability to step out in faith and make change. The idea that when we are brave enough to take even the smallest of steps that God will meet us there and bless our efforts- as long as they are backed with the right intentions.

I know that as I separate myself this experience and gain some perspective I will have a lot more insight to offer, but right now I am just glad to be back in regular clothes, and also glad that even though I didn't raise a ton of money, I felt I was able to raise a lot of awareness and hopefully spread a little inspiration for others to get involved in things they are passionate about.

The Sunday after was the March of Dimes March for babies! Also in Busse Woods; we celebrated the amazing life and journey of Luke Hemmer and so many other babies who are born premature. The event was really great- so many families and children came out to walk for the cause, and the best was Luke walking over the finish line himself. (Pictures coming soon!)

Above all I feel proud & blessed to have been a part of these events and journeys. Inviting friends and family into my story & journey is slowly becoming a central and important part of my life. Sharing our experiences, and lessons we have learned holds such value.

I am beginning to see that my story no matter how insignificant, and messed up I think it may be, has the potential to do so much. So again I say, thank you for reading, for your feedback, for encouraging me to keep it going. Thank you to everyone who donated time, money and inspiration throughout this process. My story has become so enriched in sharing it with you.

I return I would LOVE to hear some of your stories. If you would like to share please message or email me!


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