Sunday, April 10, 2011

Femininst Burlesque Visits Bowling Green

Meet the one, the only-- Viva Valezz! and the Velvet Hearts. This feminist burlesque troupe came all the way from Columbus to give Bowling Green a taste of what they've got going on down south.

Viva, a Bowling Green native, was the University's grande finale for Women's History month. And the Women's Studies department couldn't have picked a better way to celebrate this year's theme-- "Women in Performance: Stealing the Show."

After a round table discussion about empowerment and self-expression at the Women's Center, Viva and the gang took over the Clazel with sights and sounds never before seen or heard in the Black Swamp. Tassles were twirling as the crew shook shimmied all over the stage, incorporating banana splits, baked goods, and other decadent deliciousness into their routines.

The Velvet Hearts motto is simple: just be you-- the way you perceive yourself to be. Whoever, however, whatever.

While Viva prefers the classics, the rest of her variety show is fresh, fearless, and unpredictable. Working the burlesque circuit, they just might be dancing their way into a club near you very soon. But in the mean time, check out this video.

Warning: This is NOT Christina Aguilera's burlesque.

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