Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday's Five Feminist Friends

1) Bitch interviews JD Samson

2) Jezebel: suit filed against Yale's hostile sexual environment

3) RH Reality Check defends use of the word "uterus"

4) Feministing: Ellen Paiges cares about bees

5) Akimbo outlines the 55th Commission on the Status of Women


  1. I love JD Samson...I saw MEN at Michfest (I know, controversial), and "Who Am I To Feel So Free" is so fantastic live. It's beautiful.

    feminist love,

  2. JEALOUS. I saw JD at a screening of "Le Tigre: On Tour." That was pretty fantastic. It made me want to join the band.

    Love you back! Thanks for following!

    And I'm editing "feminist burlesque" now-- it should be up soon.