Tuesday, April 5, 2011

That's Crazy, Right?

Apparently, this young woman has positioned herself in a tree at the end of her first date with Brad. He's the one, she knows it, and with the power of her Android, she will successfully stalk him from outside his home. She's going to examine his Flickr, to make sure she's "hotter" than his exes and follow his Twitter feed to see if he's mentioned her yet.

Yes, social networking is a beautiful thing.

Now Brad's suitor has made her way into his home. She's sent him tons of texts, but he's not responding.  She knows he's home, because she's there too. Crazy as ever, she's the mayor of Brad's closet-- because nothing says "I'd really like to see you again" like breaking and entering.

Let's go ahead and file these under "more commercials I hate." Why? Because they perpetuate stereotypes about sexuality. Men like to play the field while women obsess over relationships and commitment. Men are cool, calm and collected while women are literally insane. And never the inverse.

According to TV, women will humiliate themselves, compete with each other, catfight, or even kill for love. Must be all those hormones. Now these commercials are no Bad Girls Club. And they might have been funny-- the first hundred times.

But then it started to feel offensive.

Because it's not the force with which the blow is delivered, but the repitition, that makes it unbearable. I've been subjected to this ridiculous media imagery to the point of repulsion and I'm not laughing anymore. 

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