Saturday, April 23, 2011


Tuesday, BGSU's week-long LGBT celebration "Rainbow Days" featured the hilarious and adorable Bryan Safi.

Safi keeps a watchful eye on the media for Current TV's extra snarky segment "That's Gay."

He covers everything from Gayngels to "no homo" to coming out and Gay Best Friends--

And speaking of Current TV awesomeness...

Are you missing Sarah Haskins and "Target Women"? 

Never fear, Erin Gibson is here! 

As we continue to use contraptions for beauty and birth control for everything but preventing pregnancy, it's time to accept being targeted by advertisers (and everyone else) is just part of being a modern lady.

This "Modern Lady" is keeping tabs on Wal-Mart and beer ads, and Bikini Season--

Wondering what awesome paired up with awesome looks like?


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  1. Some Excellent Videos! Thank you for the entertaining 'illumination'

    Your blog rocks!